Welcome! I am a Bay Street trained lawyer with a decade of experience working in an international law firms who followed my passion and now focuses on providing legal services to small businesses. I love to learn about my clients’ business, their passion and get to know them as people and friends. Lawyers can be intimidating and not a lot of fun. I promise you that I am not. Shoot me an email, give me a call or send me a DM on instagram and let’s chat!

About Amy

Hi, I’m Amy

Although I have nearly a decade of experience practicing corporate law for a global law firm, I am not your typical lawyer. The greatest compliment I ever received in my legal career is a client who told me, “I don’t like talking to lawyers, but I like talking to you”.

I understand what it is like to own a business and feel the pressure to do all the things. Because I am doing the same thing with my legal practice. There are some things that I love to do (hello legal contracts!) and other things that I sometimes have to DIY or outsource because they are just not my jam (hello accounting!).

My goal is to help you with your business needs so that you can focus your precious time working in your business – whether it be taking photographs, coaching clients, or creating online presentations for your clients. Say goodbye to the days of signing contracts without really knowing what they mean, not knowing if your business is set up legally or bringing on a new team member and not knowing whether they should be a contractor or an employee and why it even matters in the first place. I love to learn about my client’s businesses, and get to know them and their team.

My Education

  • JD, University of Windsor (2005)
  • JD, University of Detroit Mercy (2005)
  • BAH, Queen’s University (2001)

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My (Non-Legal) Life

I should have started a carpool app. With three kids, I spend a lot of my free time driving my family members (and their friends) to sporting events, birthday parties and everywhere in between in Ottawa, Ontario. When I am not driving, I enjoy wine, photography, group exercise classes, reality television, candy and spending time with great friends. But not always in that order.

Contact Me

You can contact me here or by email at amy@grubblaw.ca. I would love to hear from you!


We are passionate about helping businesses with their legal needs. If you need assistance in an area that is not listed below, please contact Amy at amy@grubblaw.ca to see how we can help.

  • contract creation, review and negotiation
  • company policies
  • independent contractor, consulting and employment agreements
  • service agreements
  • non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) review and analysis
  • website terms of service and privacy policies
  • licensing agreements
  • social media policies
  • template/precedent creation
  • contract management


Over the years I have worked with many lawyers and speaking with them makes me feel uncomfortable like I’m speaking with a robot. Amy is nothing like this and it is what sets her apart immensely as a lawyer. She is down to earth and a warm caring person. She makes people feel at ease and is able to explain complex legal information in simple terms.

Amy has experience as an entrepreneur and this is very important to me. I really like working with service providers who have walked in the same shoes as me. Plus she knows her stuff and is wicked smart! You can’t go wrong with Amy on your side.

Lorena Klingel
CEO/Owner/Founder, Learn to Flourish

Socialpeeks recently retained Amy to draft a template Social Media Influencer Agreement. As a small company, we needed to maximize the ratio of “Cost vs. Attention”. We felt a big firm wouldn’t work for us as we feared we could get lost amongst the larger clients who were paying more than Socialpeeks. Our fear was that a large firm would only do the work we asked without looking at the bigger picture of our business.

Amy went above and beyond. The template that she drafted was exactly what we needed. She was quick to respond to all of our questions and was knowledgeable, respectful and caring.

We had a very important customer meeting recently and one of their top concerns was with respect to “influencer contracts and legal considerations”. Needless to say, it was very powerful for us to be prepared with the legal considerations that we had discussed with Amy and send them a copy of the contract that she drafted for us. So the work she did not only protects our business but has actually helped us to land new business. I would highly recommend working with Amy for your legal projects.

John Beresford
CEO, Co-Founder at Socialpeeks